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Background Company

D Baydura Sdn Bhd

D BAYDURA SDN BHD was founded on June 2006. The company is based in No 7 Jalan Camar Taman Perling 81200 Johor Bahru. D BAYDURA SDN BHD offers health products and beauty where our company has produced a product that was developed through extensive research and careful monitoring, especially in terms of quality standards, to the satisfaction of our customers. Today D BAYDURA SDN BHD has various branches throughout Malaysia including Sabah, Sarawak and overseas branches are located in Indonesia and Brunei.

D BAYDURA SDN BHD also has the market is a major global mainstream natural health care through strategic integration and globalization.

In addition, D Baydura SDN BHD is a provider of supplementary food and health recognized in the region with the use of modern biotechnology, manufacturing competitive, smart branding and strategic marketing and distribution.

This is the company’s commitment and prove that in a short time only bumiputera-owned company flourished.

With full of confidence, we hope that D BAYDURA SDN BHD will continue to receive support and encouragement from all of you. We also strive to produce more new products with the advance of globalization.